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21 January, 2012

Julia and John are getting a divorce but there’s one problem, John won’t sign the divorce papers. Julia pleads with him to do so, to which John responds with a proposition – he’ll sign the divorce papers if he gets to fuck Julia one last time. And not just any old fucking, he wants to fuck her rough AND anally. Julia agrees but may have bit off a little more than she can chew as John’s about to rip her a new one!

Julia Ann is a hyper fitness freak putting together an edgy workout DVD. She has almost everything she needs: beautiful bouncing tits, an excellent firm body, a vigorous routine, but still lacks a certain “je ne-sais-quoi” to make it complete. Once she spots Tony Ribas in the gym, she comes up with a new idea for the DVD that all sexually active women can enjoy by putting her tits into action and sweating herself into a sexy frenzy!

Julia has just met Mark, the new tenant across her apartment and they are checking each other out. Julia gets turned on that night due to the moaning and noises from the new neighbor’s. The next morning she bumps into them and lets him know that she wants to be part of the enjoyment too. To her surprise turns out that it wasn’t him but his friend John which its even better for Julia because she now can fuck them both!

Julia and Xander have been coworkers for ages. After a few years of working together, they realized they had a common interest…the love of sexing. When Julia walks away from Xander without pleasuring him, he’s not too pleased. Right before a super important presentation, he gives her a pair of special panties to wear…special vibrating panties

Julia and her daughter, Samantha are discussing finances. Samantha is upset that her mother, Julia, won’t let her earn money by posing nude in magazines so she storms off during breakfast forgetting her school books on the kitchen table. When she returns to get them she finds out that her mom’s real profession is sucking dick and decides to get revenge.

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Can’t a bunch of guys get together and play a game of pool without being interrupted by another one of these milfs. There everywhere? We don’t even know where this one came from!! All these guys are playing pool in some really nice house which appears to be owned by chef as he is the one who kicks the rest of the dudes out. But before he does that here comes Julia Ann waltzing in from an upstairs hot tub. Completely negating any chance of a decent pool game for these guys as she interrupts them in the nude. Whats worse is no one appears to know who she is..apparently shes some kind of “friend” of chefs. Well after letting her shoot a couple rounds chef just cant take it anymore so he kicks out his poor buddies to bang Julia Ann on the pool table.

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Julia and Keiran have been married for a few years. But now, they want to spice up their sex life by bringing in a new friend. Although he’s a bit reluctant at first, Keiran finally agrees to bring in a second woman as a anniversary present to his sexy wife. Here comes Courtney Cummz.

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13 December, 2011

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Her long blonde hair begging to be pulled, Julia’s ability to give a masterful blowjob before letting this lucky dude eat her juicy pussy blows my mind. Long hot legs spreading wide, while she rides his throbbing big cock hard and deep inside her dripping pussy.

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